About Our Event

As we watch the National news from our safe homes in the Northern Territory, the footage is heartbreaking and we can feel such a sense of helplessness for the families and communities services that are living through Australia’s worst Natural Disaster in history.  So, we’ve decided to direct these feelings of helplessness into action.
Some of our own fire fighters from the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service have been, and continue to travel to the South Coast of NSW to aid in the fire-fighting efforts.  

Darwin businesses you have been so generous, we have received so many amazing items to auction, so many that we created our own online auction!
All monies raised from our dinner, your donations and our online auction, will be giving to the families and communities where our NT Fire Fighters have been courageously defending and protection homes and lives.  

Details are being finalised with the NTFRS to which community groups would be best to receive these funds, and we will keep you updated.
I know us Darwinians have big HEARTS and are extremely generous, so please join me and lets come together to do our bit in this devastating situation down South.

Where’s the money going? 
EVERY cent we make will be going to NT Fire & Rescue to take down to South East Aus and give directly to the families that lost their loved ones, that so bravely fought fires for us.

If you don’t have a chance to join us for the fundraiser dinner on Friday 31st January, you can bid on any of the items OR click here to make a direct donation to our Go Fund Me page, and help us to help others.

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